Atelier Mellius

“The hidden world of Amsterdam”

A spectacular studio, covered with canvases and paintings, strewn with symbols of Good and Evil and archetypal images. That is the world of artist Mellius.

“This is my area and I call it Heptakosmoj, ancient Greek for seven worlds”

In the heart of the location, it’s dark and hundreds of candle lights are burning. Next to an old army truck hangs a portrait of 5 by 5 meters with a half-naked woman. With a cold look she stares at you with her arms spread towards the right “The Blue Sword Cross” and to the left, the indoor huge tent “The Womb of Mother Earth”.

Welcome my friends, to the world of Mellius.


Meer informatie over deze locatie? Bel + 31(0)888 48 53 48